Egg Throwing

Egg Throwing can be played in several categories.
Most common categories are:
Youth up to 16 years, women 16+ and men 16+. Age variations are allowed.

  • Egg Throwing comprises of a two-person team.
  • Per ...Read More


Egg Trebuchet

A team of (at least) 2 players construct a gravity powered machine based upon the ancient trebuchet design. The base of the legs is restricted to 2 square metres (outriggers may protrude beyond this). The power source must be ...Read More

Russian Egg Roulette

Russian Egg Roulette

Individual challenge against an opponent on a knock out basis
Players sit opposite each other, across a table.
Each player wears a provided head bandana for protection. In appropriate bandanas may not be ...Read More

Static Egg Relay

Egg Static Relay

A team consists of 11 players.
Each player stands at a predetermined mark along a route 100 metres long.
Players may not move more than 5 metres from their mark.
Upon the start signal a packet of ...Read More